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Benefits of Multi-Compartment Disposable Trays

Whether it’s a routine procedure or emergency surgery, medical professionals need their tools at the ready.

Medical instrument manufacturers want to meet the needs of the physicians, nurses and other practitioners that use their products, yet they also must be concerned with safety, sterilization and keeping costs low.

A multi-compartment disposable tray for medical use meets the needs of both producer and user. Light-weight plastics ensure lower manufacturing and shipping costs. Disposable trays with compartments also make accessing instruments easier for medical professionals.

As a manufacturer with certified cleanroom capabilities, Janco has significant experience in designing and producing disposable trays for medical devices and instruments. In this post, we’ll examine the benefits multi-compartment disposable trays offer and some of their many uses.

About Multi-Compartment Trays

Multi-compartment disposable trays are used in hospitals and clinics to hold medical instruments and devices during procedures. These trays are sterilizable and customizable, made of a rigid material with separated sections created during thermoforming.

Disposable trays with compartments can hold instruments that are packaged separately, hold individually packaged instruments and devices within the tray’s entire packaging, or serve as the packaging for all components combined.

Benefits of Multi-Compartment Disposable Trays

When it comes to designing the delivery of medical devices, here are some benefits disposable trays with compartments offer.

Preferred for surgical uses – Surgery requires precision and focus, which is why multi-compartment trays are the preferred type of packaging for surgical implants, sutures, and other more sensitive surgical items. These devices and instruments are in separate compartments, packaged in the order in which they are required for the procedure, reducing the risk of mistakes and ensuring items can be accessed quickly.

Customizable – Disposable trays with compartments are highly customizable, offering manufacturers the ability to create a tray to fit the medical devices and instruments they need in a variety of applications.

Sterilizable – When working with a supplier that has cleanroom capabilities, you can design multiple compartments that can be sterilized.

Multi-Compartment Disposable Tray Uses

There are two main types of trays that can be designed with multi-compartments: surgical and sterilization trays.

Surgical Trays
As the name suggests, surgical trays are for holding instruments and devices during surgery. These customized procedure trays, also known as CPT, are designed and set up for specific procedures, from cardiac surgery to dental procedures.

Sterilization Trays
Sterilization is an important step in protecting the health and safety of patients. These customizable trays can be designed for specific instruments to align with your needs.

Our sterilization trays, made from plastic materials, are designed to protect instruments during cleanroom sterilization and storage.

Janco Capabilities

Janco has decades of experience working with the medical industry packaging the important tools, devices and equipment they need each day. We can bring your unique medical packaging design and manufacturing needs to life with our state-of-the-art equipment and material. With Janco, you have an expert partner by your side from start to finish.

Our custom thermoforming processes allow you to tailor the tray to your unique needs throughout the design phase of your project. Our multi-compartment trays can be pre-loaded with sterilized instruments organized by procedure type and can include lids, peel tops, and unique divider systems.

The materials we use are all approved for several different modes of sterilization and trays are manufactured in class 8 Cleanrooms and packaged and sealed in class 7 Cleanrooms.

With Janco, you not only get a packaging vendor to fulfill your orders but a partner who can help you at every stage of the packaging process.

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