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Contract Manufacturing for Maxillofacial and Dental Products

Customization, precision, and support for your essential maxillofacial products.

While several regulations govern the manufacturing process for the healthcare industry at large, many sectors also require unique processes and procedures. Our team is proud to serve a wide range of specialties within the healthcare industry, including manufacturing products for the maxillofacial and dental sectors.

Maxillofacial Manufacturing Projects

Maxillofacial surgeons, occasionally referred to as oral surgeons, specialize in a range of injuries or conditions that affect the head, mouth, jaw, neck, and face. Dentists and dental surgeons also specialize in injuries or conditions surrounding the jaw and mouth.

Our team has decades of experience working directly with these industries to design and execute products that are essential to their processes.

Common Maxillofacial and Dental Products We Manufacture

Our Manufacturing Process

When you work with Janco on any range of medical manufacturing projects, our goal is always the same: to find tangible ways to add value to your products without compromising your original design vision.

This is why the design process is so essential. We work with you to understand your concepts and ideas, then have our team of expert engineers assess manufacturability and recommend ways to add value to your product throughout the process.

Whether you have an exact vision in mind or are looking for suggestions and input, our team will be your go-to for maxillofacial and dental products. Once it comes time for production, our manufacturing capabilities include:

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Cleanroom manufacturing is an essential part of the process for most medical-related products. Cleanrooms are designed to ensure that products and packaging aren’t compromised by particulates, dust, and other pollutants in the air. Different products require varying levels of air filtration, which is why there are several classifications of cleanrooms.

Your products, depending on their nature, will be manufactured in one of our ISO-certified class 7 or class 8 cleanrooms. Trays and mouth guards, for example, are manufactured in a class 8 cleanroom, whereas the packaging for trays will be completed in our class 7 cleanrooms.

The Foam Center of Excellence

In 2021, our team completed work on an exciting new element of our facility, a class 8 cleanroom dubbed internally as “The Foam Center of Excellence”. Boasting the ability to machine complex and large parts, some of your essential maxillofacial products will be manufactured in this new cleanroom, including foam mouth guards.

Need a partner for your next maxillofacial or dental project?

Ensuring that you get your product done on time, within budget, and with the highest quality possible is what we aim for on every project. Our team works with you closely every step of the way, from design through to packaging, making sure that you have maximum input throughout, while also receiving suggestions from our staff of experts.

Have a project ready to go or just want to learn more about our capabilities? Our team is happy to answer any questions or lay out the first steps to get your project started.

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