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Employee Training and Professional Development

Janco takes compliance and quality seriously.

Not only do we adhere to regulatory standards for medical manufacturing, but we also see quality as an essential part of our business. We actively practice lean manufacturing and quality management principles to ensure our products meet the exact customer specifications and that we can offer the best product possible.

Part of this means ensuring employees have the training and professional development they need to be successful. In this post, we’ll discuss our certifications and training programs for employees and how we help develop talented team members.

Janco Certifications and Training Requirements

Janco holds a number of certifications relating to medical device assembly, thermoforming, foam molding and packaging. Our certifications include:

ISO 13485 – Janco’s medical manufacturing division is certified to ISO 13485 for the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of plastic and foam packaging; and the contract medical manufacture and contract medical packaging of customer-supplied, customer-distributed sterile and/or non-sterile devices.

ISO 14644-1 – Our Class 7 and Class 8 certified cleanrooms are monitored and tested regularly to assure that they are operating within required parameters. This includes:

  • High-volume thermoforming
  • Low-volume thermoforming
  • Medical device assembly
  • Foam die cut/assembly
  • Packaging
  • Foam molding

In addition to these certifications, all of our medical processes are audited frequently through internal, independent, and FDA inspections.

Employee Training and Professional Development

To keep workers safe, maintain a high-level of quality, and ensure compliance, Janco offers a number of opportunities for employee training.

Before a new employee begins, they are given ISO training to ensure they adhere to the standards and practices these certifications require. This includes:

  • Defining the knowledge and skills needed to do their job.
  • Providing training or other learning activities that will develop the knowledge and skills they need.
  • Testing employees on this knowledge and their skills to prove whether the training was effective.
  • Ensuring employees understand how their job activities contribute to the overall quality goals of the company, as well as why their role is important.
  • Keeping training records and tracking each employee’s education, skills and experience.

In addition to new hire training, Janco also offers cross training and professional development for employees who want the opportunity to learn new roles and cover other jobs in the event of absences. This training creates opportunities for taking on additional responsibilities, which Janco rewards with merit salary increases.

What Makes Janco a Great Place to Work

Janco, Inc. is a family-owned business that values its employees. Having been in business for over 60 years, we know the importance of having employees with a positive attitude, who are willing to learn and take quality and safety seriously.

When you join the Janco team, you get not only training, but we also offer competitive wages along with medical and dental plans, 10 paid holidays per year, paid vacation time, 401K plan, along with a company paid life insurance policy for all of its full time employees.

Join a motivated, professional team.

Janco, Inc. is always seeking good production workers and technical staff. View our job openings today.

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