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Introducing Janco’s New Cleanroom!

Our cutting-edge new cleanroom is ready for your next project!

Janco is thrilled to announce the launch of our long-anticipated new class 8 cleanroom. Our team has worked hard to assemble this cleanroom that combines state-of-the-art equipment with cutting-edge capabilities to deliver the precision and innovation that your manufacturing projects rely on to succeed.

Referred to in-house as “The Foam Center of Excellence”, our newest cleanroom boasts the largest capabilities in the industry, able to machine parts as large as 30” by 60”.

Our goal has always been to find innovative solutions to client’s issues, so when a team came to us with the desire to machine parts that were too large for our current facilities, the idea for a new cleanroom was born.


While many of our capabilities are standard throughout each of our cleanrooms, we also added new capabilities and machinery to both expand and improve how we serve you.

Our main objective in creating a new cleanroom from scratch was creating the capabilities to machine large parts that most standard cleanrooms don’t offer, widening the scope of projects that we’re able to take on.

Janco is also excited to offer RF Sealing capabilities, which we’ve added to meet increased demand to form TPU products in cleanroom settings.

Our complete list of capabilities in our newest class 8 cleanroom include:

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Why are cleanrooms essential?

Cleanrooms are engineered to keep particles, contaminants, and other pollutants from interfering with your product or packaging. Cleanroom manufacturing ensures that your medical device or packaging will be sterilized and secure in line with industry standards.

How do classifications work?

Cleanroom classifications are based on the number of air changes that occur per hour as well as the number of particles that the room allows. Here’s how it works:

  • Cleanrooms utilize High-Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) Filters. Increasing the number of air changes means that fewer particles will be in the air throughout manufacturing.
  • In terms of the number of particles allowed, each class of cleanroom allows ten times fewer particles than the class above it.
  • Class 8 cleanrooms allow 100,000 particles per square foot of air and Class 7 cleanrooms can allow only 10,000.
  • The cleanroom needed for a project will depend on the type of product or type of packaging being manufactured and the unique standards that regulate it.

What are Janco’s classifications?

The medical manufacturing division at Janco is ISO 13485 certified and registered with the FDA.
All of our cleanrooms, both class 7 and class 8, are regularly monitored and tested to provide peace of mind that they are operating within required parameters.

Quality Assurance

How we monitor cleanroom efficiency

Our quality management system is integrated into every aspect of how we run our operations, from our cleanrooms and medical manufacturing division to sales, design, production, and customer support.

A great deal of diligence and upkeep goes into keeping the cleanrooms used to manufacture your products running at peak performance on every job. Our team is committed to ongoing investments and improvements when it comes to our equipment and facilities. On top of that, we’re dedicated to ongoing education and training for our personnel.

Our team is consistently improving how we bring your products to life, using a process that includes collecting data, analyzing trends, and creating new or revised process control documents. Our controlled document records are thoroughly maintained and secured to guarantee confidentiality, transparency, and accountability to our clients.

Your changing needs lead to constant innovation

When clients came to us with the need to have larger parts manufactured, our team decided to invest in new, high-quality equipment that would give us the capabilities to take on a whole new set of jobs through the medical sector.

The medical device and packaging inspection staff that will review your products or packaging perform meticulous validation testing following standards laid out by ASTM, ISO, as well as your custom project requirements. We ensure that the medical products we manufacture offer complete traceability from individual product ID to raw material lot numbers.

About Janco

Our history

Janco is a family-owned business with six decades of experience in contract manufacturing, ranging from the medical industry to automotive and athletic sectors and beyond. Our team of engineers and project managers specializes in high-quality thermoforming and compression molding services across a wide range of industries.

During every project, our team leads with the principle that we treat our clients with the same level of respect and support that we’d give our own family.

Our mission is to make the manufacturing process simple for you, answer all of your questions, offer innovative solutions for unique projects, and use cutting-edge technology to add value to your product or packaging.

As a distributor of high-quality foam and plastic who has relationships built on decades of mutual support, our team gives you access to a large network of trusted vendors. That means we’re able to ensure your projects are completed with the best materials suitable for non-sterile or sterile class I, II, III medical devices and packaging.

Our dedication to improving your bottom line and making the process as seamless as possible is why so many of our clients have turned into long-term partners over the years.

Have a manufacturing project that Janco can help with?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our new class 8 cleanroom and discuss how we can help bring your next project to life.

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