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Medical Packaging Design

Our hands-on medical packaging design process means that you get to bring your vision to life with precision, quality, and expert guidance.

We like to think of ourselves as solution providers, especially when it comes to our custom design process.

One of the first questions we get asked at the start of a consultation is how involved our clients can be throughout the design phase. The truth is, every compression molding or thermoforming project that we take on at Janco is a custom job, meaning no two designs are exactly alike.

Whether we’re manufacturing a thermoformed tray, a compression molded product, or any other range of packaging products, we work with you to ensure that the end result is aligned uniquely with your needs – and that means you can be as involved as you want to be throughout the design process.

Alternatively, if you need to rely on our team for guidance on materials, design options, and other manufacturing best-practices, we have 60 years of experience to draw upon, so you can always lean on us.

To walk you through our process, we’ll use medical trays, a commonly-manufactured item in our facilities, as an example.

Medical trays are an ideal way to explore our process because they offer a seemingly endless number of ways to be customized through the design phase. Here are a few factors to consider when building a custom medical tray:

1. What instruments are being held?

Our team serves a wide range of medical specialties, from orthopedics and cardiology to dental and veterinary practices. Because of that, we’re used to custom-designing trays to meet several different operations and needs. Often, clients will start off by letting us know the tools that they need packaged – that will dictate our recommendations for both materials and layout.

2. What procedure will the tray be used for?

Beyond just what’s being held, the intended procedure can affect how the instruments are laid out. For example, placing instruments in the order they’ll be used throughout a procedure is an easy way to increase efficiency through the design process.

3. Are there other ways to increase efficiency?

Our goal is always to add value to the medical packaging that we design and manufacture. If we can make our clients’ lives easier by adjusting designs, we’ll always lead with those suggestions. Sometimes it seems that there’s no real rhyme or reason to how instruments are packaged, but we’ve spent years serving the medical industry and understand the power of our manufacturing capabilities to increase efficiency during procedures.

Medical Package Design Consulting

In many cases, clients will come to us with pre-made designs and just need a bit of guidance in choosing the best materials for the project. We’re more than happy to make recommendations when it comes to the specific types of foam and plastic that we utilize in our processes.

Our team is equipped to come up with unique, tangible solutions for any potential issues that might come up throughout the process.

Custom Packaging Design for Other Industries

Outside of our medical packaging design, our team also offers a wide range of manufacturing services for several other industries. We manufacture everything from automotive trays and transmission seals to athletic insoles, shoulder pads, shin guards, and eye protection.

Plus, our innovative thermoforming and compression molding capabilities, as well as a wide range of plastic and foam material options, make it easy for us to take on unique, one-off projects.

Have more medical packaging design questions?

Get in touch with Janco to discuss your specific project needs or find out more about our contract manufacturing capabilities and consulting. We’re happy to help bring your project to life with the customization, precision, and innovation that you need.

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